Heat Treatment


Heat Treatment Furnaces

J B Furnace Heating Arrangement

We design, manufacture and commission laboratory batch and pit furnaces to suit the heat treatment needs of all manufacturing industries.

Furnaces can be designed to suit individual customer's requirements with electric, gas or oil fired heating systems.

The following are examples of the type of furnace or service we can provide:-

J B Furnace Heat Treatment   Furnaces

180kW  1200deg Batch Furnace
Twin  Chamber Salt Bath Furnace

J B Furnace Pit Furnaces

  • Batch Furnace static or moveable hearth
  • Pit Furnaces
  • Salt Bath Furnaces
  • Mesh Belt Furnaces
  • Slot Forge Furnaces
  • Muffle Furnaces

Any make of instrument control including touch screen and computer link can be incorporated to suit the customer's preference.

Refractory linings are modern energy efficient and use high quality components to give long lasting service life.


J B FURNACE ENGINEERING LTD will also refurbish any make of furnace to modern, efficient standards of instrumentation and refractory lining.