L & N Tempering Furnace

For tempering tools and production parts

L & N Tempering Furnace


Tempering and stress-relieving steel

Solution-treating and aging aluminium

Annealing optical glass

Tool-room tempering and annealing


The L & N Tempering Furnace is available in a range of sizes from

355mm dia. x 406mm deep (useable Work Space)
1270mm dia. x 1825mm deep (useable Work Space)

The equipment consists of a fully-equipped electric Tempering furnace of the desired temperature range, a temperature control enclosure, and a contactor.

Furnace and Control Panel

The furnaces are versatile, efficient and safe - and outstanding for long life (some are still operating on full production schedules after 40 years.

There are 3 basic models of Tempering Furnace covering virtually all temperature requirements.

All furnaces are supplied complete with contactor and temperature control enclosure.

Temperature Control System

The temperature control system has a Recording controller with P.I.D. control. This instrument responds to a thermocouple installed in the furnace heating chamber and precisely proportions heat input to demand.

The entire cycle is recorded on the chart so that accurate duplication of any heat is easy.