L & N Steam Treatment Furnace

For heat treating under a protective atmosphere



L & N Steam Treatment Furnace

Reduces cleaning costs in non-ferrous annealing

Increases high-speed cutting tool life

Improves corrosion resistance of steel parts

Improves properties of powdered-iron parts



The L & N Steam Treatment Furnace is available in a range of sizes from

355mm dia. x 406mm deep (useable Work Space)
1270mm dia. x 1825mm deep (useable Work Space)

This compact electric furnace heats work quickly, and circulates both heat and steam uniformly through the load.

Maximum operating temperature is 670C.

The source of steam can be either a process steam line or a small electric or gas-heated steam generator.

The furnace is supplied completely equipped and ready for operation.

Steam Source

A separate electrically heated or gas-fired steam generator can be supplied when plant supply is not available.

Temperature Control Enclosure

The fully equipped panel houses a Recording Controller, with a range of 0 to 800C.

This instrument responds to a thermocouple installed in the furnace work chamber, and accurately proportions heat input to demand. The work comes to temperature quickly and smoothly, without overshooting, and holds there for the duration of the cycle.