L & N Nitriding Furnace

For production nitriding to critical specifications

L & N Nitriding Furnace

Production nitriding

Single or two-stage nitriding

Manual or programmed control


Typical Applications

Aluminium Extrusion Dies

Drive End Gears


Steering Couplings

Helicopter Gears

The L & N Nitriding Furnace is available in a range of sizes from

355mm dia. x 406mm deep (useable Work Space)
990mm dia. x 1825mm deep (useable Work Space)

This compact, all-electric furnace provides rapid heating and uniform distribution of heat and atmosphere gas, resulting in high-production nitriding in a small floor space. The furnace is supplied complete with lid lifter, over-heat control, external heat exchanger and an auxiliary blower provides effective cooling under atmosphere.

Temperature Control

The Temperature Recorder Controller responds to the thermocouple located directly in the work chamber. The P.I.D. control proportions heat input to demand of the load. It brings the work smoothly to control temperature without overshooting, and holds it there with the precision essential to reproducible nitriding.

The Overheat Controller responds to a thermocouple located in the bottom of the furnace. Should any failure occur in the primary controller or thermocouple during long, unattended cycles, the overheat automatically takes charge. It holds the furnace at control temperature until the problem is corrected.