Carburizing Pit Furnace


L & N Carburizing Pit Furnace

For a wide variety of heat treating applications

L & N Carburising Pit Furnace


Production carburising

Production hardening

Production annealing



The L & N Carburising Pit Furnace is available in a range of sizes from

380mm dia. x 450mm deep (useable Work Space)


890mm dia. x 1830mm deep (useable Work Space)

Well designed, ruggedly built, and highly efficient, L & N Carburising Pit Furnaces help keep down overheads by delivering maximum production per square metre of floor space.


L&N Gas Carburising Pit Furnaces provide accurate control of the three main variables namely Time, Temperature and Atmosphere for Gas Carburising, Hardening and Annealing Heat Treatment applications. Work can be Slow Cooled or Direct Quenched.

Carburising Gas Atmosphere can be provided by the "Drip Feed "method, (for single furnace installations) or alternatively by an external Generation system.

The Gas fired furnace is supplied with a Safe start Burner control unit with all components mounted and wired.


Temperature and Atmosphere control systems will be configured to suit your individual requirements to meet your production parameters.